Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Kneel Downe

05 February 2014


When I start a new book, especially with a new author I have three sub conscious tests.

First is the opening line - does it engage and make me want to read more ?

Second is the first paragraph - like the first but just more words.

Lastly "The Hook" - does it have that important line that hooks you by the balls and throws you off a one thousand foot cliff into an adventure of words that you cannot ( or should not ) be able to predict.

Sadly few books do that these days.

The bestseller lists are full of dross masquerading as good fiction, empty worlds of words that take you nowhere, but now and again the magic sparkles like unicorn pee.

Ray Bradbury had that sparkle, so does Carl Hiaasen and of course the indomitable Jeff Noon.

However there is a new guy on the block, someone who writes with such style and precision of phrase that he is scary. His books do not have a "hook" they have multiple "hooks" and like a fishing line they will wrap you up and bind you so tight that you cannot escape.

Kneel Downe writes books for the adrenaline junkie; books written in live time on Twitter. Nothing can describe the feeling of watching Kneels tweets roll onto the screen, a story evolving live, line by line, phrase by phrase but then having to wait for the next tranche. There is nothing like it. Many people are not growed (sic) up enough to understand or indeed have the balls to read Kneel but those that do are rewarded by the most beautiful fiction ever written. Sure it is avante garde, new, dangerous but damn it is good.

Take a hint from an infected one, go read, get infected and spread the words that define Kneel Downe as the author who will keep your senses alive.

The Wolfs Paw


Lobos' hooks

" The knitting begins and I introduce phlegm to the morning. Tastes like cigars and cheap rancid juice."


"The sheets creak louder than my bones as I rise to meet the day"

After that I was infected

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