Monday, 10 August 2015

Where the Wild Words Grow

Years of abuse, overuse and misuse had consigned all the words to a nether world of barren darkness, unable to form sentient strings or meaningful phrases. It was a terrifying place of grey mist, where no idea could survive.

Into this void hobbled a strange man, full of ideas, brightness and an ability to marshal words into astonishing stories, stories that would challenge the normal grey world.

Words began to escape into the Ethernet, appearing on live feeds, promoting excitement at this new style. Vast crowds clamoured for more content, eager for their cerebral mush to be transformed by the sparkling words that flowed. Words that sparkled like unicorn piss, weaving a magic that only one man could control, that man is Kneel Downe.

The Wolf’s Paw salutes the success of Kneel Downe and wishes him and his VirulentBlurb Universe even more success with his new book Sporadic Too - Infections.

Rid your mind of greyness, let the sparkle of Kneel Downe take you to places you cannot imagine.

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